Noene Tap Dance/Flamenco Heel Pad - Black, Shock Stopper

Noene Tap Dance/Flamenco Heel Pad - Black, Shock Stopper

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Noene Tap Dance/Flamenco Heel Pad - Black, OSFA

Every time that the foot hits the ground a shock wave is produced that travels up the heel to the neck - right up through the spinal column.

In dances such as flamenco, tap dance, or certain folk dances, the shocks are violent and repeated at a very high rate. The repetition of this shock wave creates perpetual micro-traumas that are responsible for dancer specific injuries such as periostitis, epiphysis's, fractures and other injuries to the feet, knees and spinal column.

Now, thanks to a revolutionary vibro-absorbing material, over 98% of this shock wave is dispersed by the Noene - helping to protect you from injury.

  • Extremely fine and light
  • 2mm 100% Noene pad with supportive adhesive
  • Dance/Flamenco
  • NOFP2
  • Model compatible with all types of dance shoe
  • High-tech breathable, absorbent covering
  • One Size Fits All
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