LEKI Legacy Poles, Light Anthracite-Petrol, 110-145 cm

LEKI Legacy Poles, Light Anthracite-Petrol, 110-145 cm

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LEKI Legacy Poles, Light Anthracite-Petrol, 110-145 cm

Leki Legacy Lite Walking Pole Pair, a perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology designed to enhance your hiking experience. Crafted with precision and expertise by Leki, THE renowned name in Hiking/skiing poles, these walking poles are engineered to offer reliable performance and durability on every trail.

Built from high-quality aluminum, the Leki Legacy Lite poles strike the perfect balance between strength and weight, providing sturdy support without unnecessary bulk. Whether you're navigating steep ascents or descending rocky terrain, these poles offer stability and confidence with every step.

The ergonomic grips feature a comfortable and secure design, ensuring a firm hold even during long hikes. This allows you to maintain control and stability, reducing fatigue and strain on your hands and wrists.

Equipped with Leki's trusted SpeedLock+ adjustment system, these poles offer quick and effortless length adjustments to accommodate varying terrain and personal preferences. Whether you need to shorten your poles for steep climbs or extend them for downhill descents, the SpeedLock+ system allows for easy customization on the go.

With their classic design and reliable performance, the Leki Legacy Lite Walking Pole Pair is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're exploring local trails or embarking on multi-day treks, trust Leki to provide the support and confidence you need to conquer any adventure.

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