Bugsox Traveller
Bugsox Traveller
Bugsox Traveller
Bugsox Traveller
Bugsox Traveller
Bugsox Traveller

Bugsox Traveller

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The Bugsox Traveller arethinner, everyday socks aimed at business travellers and holidaymakers. The seamless design of the sock, combined with its wicking and temperature control and the DURALLIN impregnation makes it an ideal choice for days or evenings out in tropical climates but it is comfortable enough to wear day-to-day.

The Bugsox Traveller are a technical pair of socks with a specified left and right shaped sock (clearly marked on the toes of the Bugsox). Bugsox Travellerare available in Grey and Black.

DURALLIN Impregnation
Care Plus Bugsox are impregnated with permethrine based DURALLIN impregnation. This is a contact insecticide deadly to mosquitoes and other pests, but non-irritable to us. Research has shown that DURALLIN impregnation reduces mosquito landings by 45% and actual insect bites by 80 90%. Furthermore ticks cannot stand or walk on the DURALLIN impregnated material.

Bugsox can be washed up to 50 times without losing their effectiveness, however, even when the impregnation has worn out you will still be left with a pair of comfortable, seamless, walking socks.

Bamboo Fibre
Bamboo fibre provides comfort in both low and high temperatures, it absorbs and evaporates sweat very well and provides ventilation or insulation depending upon outside temperatures. Bamboo also has a natural antiseptic affect that helps keep feet fresh and odourless for longer.

Composition : 82% Bamboo Fibre, 16% polyamide, 2% elastane, Impregnated DURALLIN LLI (permethrine)

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